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Plant Based Skin Care

We have an array of beautiful, natural skin care products in our shop.  The ingredients are all natural, many are organic and include lot's of botanical's.  We research all of our products to be sure they do not include;, parabens, phthalates, endocrine disruptors, GMO's, pesticides, heavy metals, SLS, Toluene, formaldehyde, Oxybenzone,Diethanolamine and triclosan.  We read the labels so you don't have to when you make a purchase!

We make some of our products right here in our kitchen and we are adding new products all the time.  Check out our super hydrating shea & meadowfoam butter with the essential oils of orange, frankincense and tangerine!  Plus, our extremely popular "Shower Steamers" with peppermint, eucalyptus & lavender.

The other skin care lines that we carry come from natural formulators who also use many botanical ingredients.  They are handmade products with lovely, pure ingredients like essential oils, organic butters, herbally infused oils and beeswax and they also make their products with good intention and lots of love!   See some of their stories below. 

La Petite Ferme

Pat from "la petite ferme" makes our bar and whipped soaps as well as foaming scrubs and lotions.  She lovingly raises sweet little pygmy goats which she milks and uses the milk in her products.  She also uses pure essential oils as well as shea butter and other yummy ingredients.  Her products are rich and creamy and all natural!

Sonoma Lavender  

Fresh from the farm

Our lavender products come from a farm in 

Northern California in the Sonoma valley. 

The Proprietors Rebecca and Gary, along with their two children, plant, tend, harvest, and carefully dry the crop. Then local artisans take over, hand-crafting the company‚Äôs unique product line from the  7,000 lavender plants that they grow on five acres.  Their products smell heavenly from the lavender sachets and linen sprays to the ever popular eye masks, heated lavender footies and neck wraps to the fragrant bundles of dried lavender...If you love lavender you will enjoy these products.