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      Upcoming Classes and Events

           Spring Series
        These are Demonstration Style Classes (12-16)
and Hands-on Workshops (limited to 8 students)
*note we are unable to process classes on line at this time.  Please call the shop to purchase your class. 303-278-1260 Thank You
Cancellation Policy - Please be aware that all classes are non-refundable.  We have to purchase many items for each person in class and we need to be able to prepare.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Here in our beautiful French style kitchen we teach with classes, workshops and events - each different from one another.  

Our CLASSES typically have 12-16 students and the class is conducted in a demonstration style.  This means we teach the class and demonstrate how to do it, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the topic you are learning.  You are given a hand-out with recipes and directions which, you can feel free to write notes on and to take home with you.  You will also have samples from class to take home or if its a cooking class you will get to taste all of the recipes being made while in class. 

WORKSHOPS - are very small - only 8 students because more room is needed as you not only have demonstrations but you will have Hands-on projects as you make things throughout the workshop.  You will be customizing your products and you will also be given a hand-out with lot's of information, recipes, resources and directions.  You will leave with all of the products that you make in class. Workshops are very fun and you gain a much deeper understanding of the subject because you are doing it.

EVENTS -can include our monthly "FOOD TALKS" - a FREE series on health and nutrition information given by Cheryl Rojic, holistic chef and health coach as well as a variety of wonderful guest speakers. 

Events are usually demonstration or "talk style" education which, often includes a hand-out for you to take home, some testers and a question and answer period. 

OUR FREE holiday and special occasion celebrations are open house style often with discounts, free food and drinks, music, and  giveaway's. Plus we introduce you to new items, fun information, great vendors, books, unique products and health information. We also like to include other wonderful Golden businesses.

Book A Private Event 

We welcome private party's and special events for classes & workshops.  Maybe a girlfriends night out?  Your bridal party or team building - we can do that.  

We can arrange cooking classes, aromatherapy classes, natural body product making or herbalism. 

You pick the topic; making lipgloss & lip balms or natural body butters.  Essential oil products, a healthy cookie dough class or let Cheryl design a scrumptous 5 course menu for you- eat your way through the class and take home the recipes and directions!  Just let us know what class you are interested in and we can design something just for your group. 

Minimum requirement for a workshop is 8 people

Demonstration Classes with samples/food up to 15 people (call if you need a larger group)  Prices range from $45-$65  per person.


Earth Day Celebration

Saturday, April 27th 

      12:00 Noon - 5:00pm

"Bee" the change...

Bee's and plants are the focus of our earth day celebration this year as "protect our Species" is also Earth Day 2019's motto as we look at the millions of species that are nearing extinction.  

We will be focusing on the happy, loving honey bee and also our pollinating native bees.  Plus,  plants and flowers that support them (and us). Join us for all of the FUN!!

Talk to a beekeeper and learn all about bees.  Plus, see the equipment used to house bees and try on a bee hat.

Meet Gofarm (our local food coop) and find out about 

fresh food shares as well as honey and bread shares.  They will also be providing fruit & honey tastings as well as a raffle! 

GIVE BACK- each year we donate 10% of our sales to a local organization that supports the earth.  This year our donation will be going to GROWHAUS in Denver CO.

The growhaus is a nonprofit indoor farm, marketplace and educatioal center in Denver's Globeille, Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.  This is a food desert neighborhood and the GrowHaus proived access to healthy food, food education and economic opportunity. 

Join us for: 

Free "Beehive Box" which includes free pollinator seeds for the first 48 people who comes to our event.

Free honey tasting

Free Floral Elixir Mocktail Bar

Free Organic Popcorn with Cheryl's yummy sprinkles

Sign-up for  FREE raffles & win lot's of fun stuff

Try a "Dirt Cup" aka a dairy free chocolate chia pudding cup with fun "dirt granola" on top!


10% off all "Bee" items

Use your 20% off coupon for one regularly priced item

In-Store Discounts on seeds and special items

Cooking Class

Farewell Fatigue! 

Recipes to reignite your energy

Thursday, May 9th


Cost $40

Instructor: Cheryl Rojic, holistic chef and health coach

Do you wonder where your energy went?  Are you too tired for exercise or even daily tasks?  Could it be your thyroid, adrenals or even poor digestion?  Come learn about the food choices that can awaken the energy within you- as well as what to avoid!

We will also discuss other helpful lifestyle practices to help keep you going all day long.  you will enjoy tasting al of the fresh, energy-promoting recipes prepared in the class

Menu: TBA


  Healthy Skin Club

Luscious Lips & Cocktails

    Friday, May 17th 

drop-in anytime between 

   5:00pm - 7:00pm

Come join us for our spring party and learn all about how to keep your lips healthy, happy and beautiful!!

Visit our different stations and try products like hydrating honey powder masks or just plain honey treatments. Visit Sanitas for a fabulous lip scrub and lip serum.  Plus, take home a FREE sample of organic calendula oil and a "chocolate calendula oil sugar scrub" recipe from Bodyceuticals. 

Get your Healthy Skin Club handout which will teach you all kinds of things you need to know about your lips.  *Tip- did you know your toothpaste may have ingredients that cause chapped lips?  Also, learn about what you don't want in your lip balms or lipsticks. 

End the evening by trying on lot's of healthy lipsticks & lipgloss's with wonderful, nourishing ingredients and enter a raffle to win a FREE Lipgloss!  Also, Cheryl will be debuting her upcoming cooking class "Flower Power" which is all about edible flowers with her signature cocktail...not to be missed!

It's a fun, party atmosphere at HSC so bring your best gal pal and come kick off spring!  I'ts FREE but you must REGISTER to hold a spot and so that we will have samples for your skin type.  Call Today 303-278-1260



Herbal Tinctures for

Stress & Sleep

Tuesday May 21st

6:15pm to 8:00pm

Presented by Danielle Cicak of WishGarden Herbal Tinctures, 

Stress and sleep go hand-in-hand and can create havoc in your life.  Attend this informative class from WG herbs and discover how easy it is to incorporate herbal tinctures into your routine to bring you balance. 

Danielle will discuss many formula's and explain how best to use them or to combine them to address more than one issue.  You will also learn about how stress affects the body and what could be interfering with your sleep patterns.  

A truly wonderful class that could shed some light on these two problems affecting you or a loved one! 

This class if FREE however REGISTRATION is REQUIRED.  Call today to hold your spot. 303-278-1260

Cooking Class


"Farm to Table"

 Thursday June 6th, 

    6:15 -8:15pm 

Instructor: Cheryl Rojic

Cost $40 

Join us on this collaborative venture with Earth Sweet Botanicals, Cheryl Rojic and GoFarm, a local coop food share right here in Golden. 

In this class you will learn about what a local food share is, how the choices you make impact local farmers and of course all about the bounty and nutrition from locally farmed foods. GoFarm also has honey and fresh bread shares that you can participate in too!  The main ingredients for your meal will be donated by GoFarm and Cheryl will turn them into magical morsels for your mouth- as always

Of course as always you will learn about all the wonderful benefits of nutritious vegetables and they taste even better during this season when all the fresh bounties are available. 

Menu:TBA depending on what's in season!  YUM!!  Call today to hold your spot 303-278-1260