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      Upcoming Classes and Events

           Spring Series
        These are Demonstration Style Classes (12-16)
and Hands-on Workshops (limited to 8 students)
*note we are unable to process classes on line at this time.  Please call the shop to purchase your class. 303-278-1260 Thank You
Cancellation Policy - Please be aware that all classes are non-refundable.  We have to purchase many items for each person in class and we need to be able to prepare.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Here in our beautiful French style kitchen we teach with classes, workshops and events - each different from one another.  

Our CLASSES typically have 12-16 students and the class is conducted in a demonstration style.  This means we teach the class and demonstrate how to do it, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the topic you are learning.  You are given a hand-out with recipes and directions which, you can feel free to write notes on and to take home with you.  You will also have samples from class to take home or if its a cooking class you will get to taste all of the recipes being made while in class. 

WORKSHOPS - are very small - only 8 students because more room is needed as you not only have demonstrations but you will have Hands-on projects as you make things throughout the workshop.  You will be customizing your products and you will also be given a hand-out with lot's of information, recipes, resources and directions.  You will leave with all of the products that you make in class. Workshops are very fun and you gain a much deeper understanding of the subject because you are doing it.

EVENTS - are usually demonstration or "talk style" education & often includes testing stations, such as our monthly "Healthy Skin Club.  These often includes a free hand-out for you to take home, some samples and a question and answer period. 

OUR FREE holiday and special occasion celebrations are open house style often with discounts, free food and drinks, music, and  giveaway's. Plus we introduce you to new items, fun information, great vendors, books, unique products and health information. We also like to include other wonderful Golden businesses.

Book A Private Event 

We welcome private party's and special events for classes & workshops.  Maybe a girlfriends night out?  Your bridal party or team building - we can do that.  

We can arrange cooking classes, aromatherapy classes, natural body product making  & more.

You pick the topic; making lipgloss & lip balms or natural body butters. Essential oil products, a healthy "nibbles & sips cocktail cooking class or let Cheryl design a scrumptous 5 course menu for you- eat your way through the class and take home the recipes and directions!  Just let us know what class you are interested in and we can design something just for your group. 

Minimum requirement for a private class or workshop is 8 people

Demonstration Classes with samples/food up to 15 people (call if you need a larger group)  Prices range from $50-$65  per person.

Skin Care Class 

Body Butter Making


Tuesday, March 10th

        6:15 -8:15 pm

Instructor: Crystal Baldwin, Aromatherapist, Esthetician, Product formulator

Cost $50

Rich and creamy, super hydrating - Body butters are easy to make and wonderful for dry, itchy, winter skin. Learn all about the different oils and butters and how to make them yourself to save money.

Plus explore different butters like;  Babassu, Cocoa, Cupuacu Shea and Mango butters and discover all of their different healing, protective & hydrating properties.

We will also discuss the different oils used in body butters like rosehip seed, apricot, jojoba, meadowfoam, macadamia nut and more. Plus, discover how to make herbally infused oils to bump up the nutrition in your body butters.  Learn which oils create a lighter or heavier feeling body butter and what works best for your skin type or condition.  

We will also discuss the safety of essential oils and their different properties for different skin issues- (charts included) and make your own custom body butter with essential oils at the end of class!

The class will include body butter samples made in class, Recipes & hand-out with instructions and you make a custom essential oil blended butter at the end of class.  Go home with fresh, hydrated skin!

Call today to hold your spot 303-278-1260


Fatigued to Fabulous

    Thursday, March 19th

           6:15 -8:15 pm

Instructor: Cheryl Rojic, 

Holistic Chef & health coach 

Cost $50

Do  you struggle to find energy to make it through the day?  Kick that chronic, tired feeling to the curb once and for all!! Learn what might be zapping your energy and how to fix it.  

We will cover topics such as; 

Thyroid function

Adrenal fatigue



Menu: TBA

Call today to hold your spot 303-278-1260


March "Moisture" Madness

    Friday, March 27th

Drop-in between 5:00 -7:00 pm

You've been battling the winter dryness battle, now let's up the fight with lot's of moisture!!  

Learn all about your options for hydrating your skin with both water products and oil-based products.  Discover the difference in the two and how to increase hydration from the inside out!

Lot's of testers in this class.  You'll leave with totally hydrated skin and lot's of information on how to protect winter skin while we are in this homestretch to spring and warmer weather!!

This is a FREE educational event however you MUST reserve your spot as space and samples are limited.  Call today 303-278-1260

What happens at skin club?
This is a cocktail style party focused on SKIN EDUCATION where you;drop-in, try products, ask an esthetician questions about your skin issues, take home samples, use a 20% coupon for all highlighted products. Take home a in-depth hand-out about the highlighted topic, eat & drink healthy recipes from our holistic chef and take home the recipes!  Too much fun!!

How does it work?
Call to reserve your spot & your free samples
Drop in anytime between 5:00 -7:00 pm
Check-in at our desk for your FREE skin samples 
Register for our FREE raffle of great skin products
Visit each station and try out products while you learn what they do
Take home a fabulous hand-out about the evening's topic
Receive 20% off all highlighted products that evening
Enjoy a FREE Drinks & Nibbles from holistic Chef Cheryl Rojic

Plus, enter our FREE raffle for a chance to win:
Free Healthy Skin Club monthly give-away's

Sips & Nibbles 
Boost skin health with some refreshing, foods and drinks from holstic chef Cheryl Rojic of Intentional Health
Plus, take home the recipes

    Cooking Class

Spring Herbs & Detox

   Tuesday, April 7th

     6:15 -8:15 pm

Instructor: Cheryl Rojic, 

Holistic Chef & health coach 

Cost $50

Meal is served during class

Fresh Herbs and tender greens are sprouting!  Did you know they are loaded with powerful antioxidants for detoxification?  Plus, they add delicious pops of flavor.

Learn how to use them to add bursts of clean, fresh flavor to your spring and summer dishes.  In this class they will be the star of the show and not simply a garnish on your plate.  Receive a handout of the recipes & nutritional information.

Menu: TBA

Call today to hold your spot 303-278-1260

*Note- All cooking classes are GF, DF and Meat Free


Earth Day Celebration

          50th Anniversary 

Topic: Climate Change- what can I do to make a difference?


                                      Saturday, April 18th

                                     12:00 noon -5:00 pm

                           50th Anniversary of Earth Day!!

This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the focus is Climate Change!!  Here at ESB we are aware of how overwhelming making a difference can feel and we want to help by showing you how tiny changes can make a BIG difference!

Come celebrate Earth Day with us and learn how to take tiny steps locally to make a difference globally!  You are important and your actions matter.

We will introduce you to products that you can incorporate in your home and life to help bring about change.  Plus, discover organizations you can support and simple things to implement...it's not as overwhelming as you might imagine and you can be a part of the solution.

Did we mention were also going to make it fun and festive?  Let's celebrate this wonderful world that we live on and the beauty that the planet has to offer.

Lot's of fun happenings:

Free goodies like organic popcorn and desserts

Floral Elixir Tasters

Check out our New, environmentally conscious products

Sales on earth saving products throughout the store


Earth Sweet Botanicals

1224 Arapahoe Street

Golden, CO 80401


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