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      Cooking Class

Flame-free, Fresh & Flavorful

   With Holstic Chef Cheryl Rojic 

              Tuesday July 9th

                     6:15 - 8:15 PM

Turn off the stove and turn up the flavor!!  

Join holistic chef Cheryl Rojic is she weaves her magic in the incredibly tasty class that doesn't require any heat!  Not to mention it is full of great nutrition.  

Come enjoy this summertime favorite cooking class!

Registration is required

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At Earth Sweet Botanicals our focus is on all things aromatic - from essential oils and herbs, to flowers and candles ..... all from the bounty of nature.  Plants give us life, heals us and brings joy & beauty to our surroundings.  Our goal is to help you bring that inspiration into your home and into your life.  We have beautiful things - for your home, your heart and your health.

Our shop has a French provencal theme and we carry a variety of items - all nature inspired.  We offer an incredible line of all natural skin care and bath & body products made by hand, some from artists and farmers and some made in small batches right here in our shop! We also carry a line ohome and garden decor. Everything smells beautiful and inviting and is good for your body and soul.

Please come visit us and remember - if its not beautiful, why do it?

Nature inspired home & garden decor ~ with a French flaire


Plant based natural skin care