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      Upcoming Classes and Events

           Winter Series
        These are Demonstration Style Classes (12-16)
and Hands-on Workshops (limited to 8 students)
*note we are unable to process classes on line at this time.  Please call the shop to purchase your class. 303-278-1260 Thank You
Cancellation Policy - Please be aware that all classes are non-refundable.  We have to purchase many items for each person in class and we need to be able to prepare.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Here in our beautiful French style kitchen we teach with classes, workshops and events - each different from one another.  

Our CLASSES typically have 12-16 students and the class is conducted in a demonstration style.  This means we teach the class and demonstrate how to do it, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the topic you are learning.  You are given a hand-out with recipes and directions which, you can feel free to write notes on and to take home with you.  You will also have samples from class to take home or if its a cooking class you will get to taste all of the recipes being made while in class. 

WORKSHOPS - are very small - only 8 students because more room is needed as you not only have demonstrations but you will have Hands-on projects as you make things throughout the workshop.  You will be customizing your products and you will also be given a hand-out with lot's of information, recipes, resources and directions.  You will leave with all of the products that you make in class. Workshops are very fun and you gain a much deeper understanding of the subject because you are doing it.

EVENTS -can include our monthly "FOOD TALKS" - a FREE series on health and nutrition information given by Cheryl Rojic, holistic chef and health coach as well as a variety of wonderful guest speakers. 

Events are usually demonstration or "talk style" education which, often includes a hand-out for you to take home, some testers and a question and answer period. 

OUR FREE holiday and special occasion celebrations are open house style often with discounts, free food and drinks, music, and  giveaway's. Plus we introduce you to new items, fun information, great vendors, books, unique products and health information. We also like to include other wonderful Golden businesses.

Book A Private Event 

We welcome private party's and special events for classes & workshops.  Maybe a girlfriends night out?  Your bridal party or team building - we can do that.  

We can arrange cooking classes, aromatherapy classes, natural body product making or herbalism. 

You pick the topic; making lipgloss & lip balms or natural body butters.  Essential oil products, a healthy cookie dough class or let Cheryl design a scrumptous 5 course menu for you- eat your way through the class and take home the recipes and directions!  Just let us know what class you are interested in and we can design something just for your group. 

Minimum requirement for a workshop is 8 people

Demonstration Classes with samples/food up to 15 people (call if you need a larger group)  Prices range from $45-$65  per person.


Earth Day Celebration 

Sunday, April 22nd 

12:00 noon - 4:00pm 

Mark your calendar for this wonderful free event to celebrate Earth Day and to benefit GoFarm... that supports our town and the Earth!

So Many Fun & Free Things: 

  • We will have FREE food & Drinks
  • Pick-up your 20% off one item discount
  • 25% off select Wish Garden Herbal Tinctures
  • 10% off all Calendula products
  • FREE activity for the kids- Make their own tub teas
  • Wish Garden will make FRESH herbal tincture mocktails with fresh fruit juice, herbs and kombucha
  • Enter to win ESB prizes in our raffle
  • Pick-up your FREE Calendula flower sprout pouch and grow your own flowers at home
  • Fresh, organic popcorn from our old fashioned popcorn maker-plus botanical sprinkles to try
  • FREE recipes for food and more

This year we have picked calendula flowers as our focus plant.  Come learn how this flower heals everything from burns and scars on the skin to internal stomach issues like ulcers, IBS, colitis and more!  

Plus, Watch demonstrations at 1:00pm and 3:00pm on how to make your very own skin loving calendula flower oil.  We will also give you a recipe to make a summer salve for the skin.  303-278-1260 for questions

Cooking Class

    Spicing things up 

      in the kitchen

  Thursday April 26th

              6:15 -8:00                                                        

Cost $40

Spice are what make the difference in making a simple dish or making an amazing tasting dish.  Learn all about spices and how to change up some old, stale dishes plus, most importantly how to improve your health with your simple kitchen spices. 

Did you know that spices have been used for centuries to remedy common ailments as well as improve everyday health and wellbeing?  Learn which spices are the most beneficial and powerful and how to use them abundantly and deliciously! 

Come hungry as all recipes prepared in class will be served! 

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Latkes
Black Cumin Greens & Shallots
Allspice Pickled Red Onions
Black Pepper Trikatu Pastilles
Almost Raw Cacao Mint Squares


Don't miss out, grab your spot today



Ladies only Sample Tour

Or as we call it...Trick or Treating for women! 

   Thursday, May 3rd

     4:00 - 8:00 pm 

Such a fun event, grab a girlfriend and get ready to fill your goodie bag! 

Purpose of "LOST" 

This super fun event is a way for you to get to know the businesses in Golden.  There are many awesome businesses that may be out of the way or off your regular beaten path and this tour allows you to find them and get introduced to their services.  You may find a new, wonderful business that meets your needs right here close to home that you didn't know existed!

How It Works

1. Purchase your ticket from participating businesses or at the visitors center in downtown Golden. 

2. Come to Golden on Thursday and check-in at the kiosk (usually set-up at the visitors center).  Where you will receive:

~A coupon book with discounts from each participating business that you can use throughout the year. 

~A goodie bag for collecting all of your free gifts from all the participating businesses

~A map showing the location of each business that you will be visiting for the LOST tour. 

3. Then follow the map and look for the pink balloons hanging from each participating business and go collect your free goodies!

Feel free to wear pink or beads or red hats to signify you are on the Ladies Only Sample Tour and most importantly HAVE FUN!! 

For more information contact "LOST" at 



 Herbal Tinctures and 

      Essential Oils 

       for Allergies

  Thursday, May 17th

     6:15 -8:00pm

Do you suffer from allergies?  Would you like to address the root causes of allergies to be able to get rid of them forever?  Would you like some simple tools to NATURALLY treat your allergy treatments.

We had such great success with our allergy class last year, with many attendees telling us they didn't even have allergy symptoms after using the natural products that we discussed in our Allergy Class last year... that we decided to do it again!

This is a FREE Class so space is limited.  You will need to sign-up to hold your spot 303-278-1260.

Cooking Class

Flower Power

Beautiful & Delicious! 

Saturday June 9th 

    1:00 -3:00 pm 

Cost $40

Instructor: Cheryl Rojic, Holistic Chef & Nutritionist 

Don't just stop and smell the roses, stop and EAT the roses too.  Wait...what?  Yes, beauty and delicious can go hand in hand.  A quick trip to the garden might be all you need for that special ingredient to add a sweet, floral or spicy flavor to an already delicious recipe!

Don't miss this wonder and beautiful cooking class as you learn how to incorporate amazing, edible flowers into your diet or to WOW your dinner guests. How about flowers in your ice cubes for a beautiful and simple drink presentation or fruit and flower popsicles to amaze kids - big and little (and add nutrition).  Or easy, rolled cheeses and cream stuffed nasturtium flowers?  Do not miss this class that will delight your senses (sight, smell and taste).

Grab your spot today!    303-278-1260 


Get the SKIN-NY 

   on Skincare

Saturday. May 19th 

   1:00-4:15 pm 

We have two sessions 1:00-2:30 and 2:45 -4:15

Come get what you have been missing with skin-care...EDUCATION.  We are never truly taught anything about skin care, only what we hear from the companies trying to sell us their products.  So, we are always looking for the magic bullet in a product to change our skin instead of understanding WHAT we should look for in any product line. 

If you want to change your skin you have to do something besides cleansing and moisturizing.  Sometimes we use products that create a tingling or slight burning sensation...that does not mean it is bad for us or that we have "sensitive skin. Find out why! 

In this hands-on class you will: 

  • Learn how the skin works and how you can help it
  • How to do things to actually CHANGE your skin
  • Why you need to do more than cleanse and moisturize
  • What serums do
  • How to apply your products
  • Why a skin block is so important
  • What the 3 top things to avoid that damage skin
  • Why getting a facial is so important
  • Why home-care is also very important
  • Receive information about nutrition and your skin
  • Receive a Chinese Face Map (like a reflexology chart) that shows how to support organ systems in correlation to your skin

Plus, we will walk you through a skin protocol (either on your face or your hand...your choice) and help you create a personalized skin care regregiment for your particular problems. 

Leave with instructions, handouts and FREE samples! 

SPACE IS LIMITED FOR THIS EVENT- YOU MUST REGISTER, no last minute sign-ups can be taken as we simply only have 16 spots!  

CALL TODAY to hold your spot.  303-278-1260